Autism Series Part 1


The things I have learned in my Master's classes and beyond school through my experiences, have rolled over into my photography work like waves in the ocean. They are intertwined, however, they are still separated by definitive lines. 

This is similar to how I view Autism and children I have met and worked with on the spectrum. They are all individuals, waves if you will. Rolling and gracefully wandering through life; each on their own path. Similar to waves, no one will ever be exact, but they all have commonalities within each other. 

I recently came up with this analogy, and it really is perfect. Because, like I've seen and heard many times over on different blogs and forums, once you have met one child, with Autism diagnosis you have met that one child with Autism.  Back when I used to work in the public schools, this analogy would ring true, one size does not fit all in the curriculum and social skills, in the every day. 
Working again toward my second Master's degree last year, I also revisited this idea, and working alongside a variety of children with special needs, all one in the same, however, so vastly different. 

Why am I typing all of this in a photography forum you may be thinking? WELL, I have realized that with my two god-given talents of photographing families and creating beautiful portraits of children for other families, that I would be able to do this for any and ALL families. I am noticing a trend and have researched with families that have a child with special needs and it is both overwhelming and may feel over the top to get portraits of your family when you are going through a difficult season. 
However, I feel that no matter where you are in your season of life, or what part of the wave you are rolling along on, that everyone and every family deserves to celebrate their family and have beautiful portraits on their wall. 

Unfortunately, there are not many courses and not one college course that I have found, teaching other photographers skills to work and differentiate their photography skills to working with families with diverse needs or limitations.  
That being said, it is my MISSION to begin that process of education photographers properly on working with families that have children with special needs. Autism, Epilepsy, wheel chair bound, down syndrome, ADHD, and the list goes on. 

If you have a family member like this and would love portraits, contact me TODAY to book your session. I'd so LOVE to meet you!!! 
If you are a photographer and have a background in education or a newbie photographer that would love to develop this as your NICHE, contact me TODAY to start the mentoring process or get on the list for my FREE online MASTERMIND class for working with Children that have limitations or special needs. 
Here's a link to my FREE PDF for some tips on Mini SEssions too!



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